Grand Canyon, Arizona – The forthcoming reopening of Havasupai Gardens (formerly Indian Garden) Campground and the Bright Angel and Tonto Trails for public use has been announced by the National Park Service, scheduled for April 15, 2024. These areas were temporarily closed starting December 1, 2023, due to ongoing construction activities related to the Transcanyon Waterline project.

The closure of the Plateau Point Trail, extending from Havasupai Gardens to Plateau Point, will continue until June 20, 2024. During this period, hikers on the Tonto Trail will have access to a detour enabling connection to and from the Bright Angel Trail.

Visitors will be able to utilize the water filling station at Havasupai Gardens, with stations at Mile-and-a-Half and Three-Mile Resthouses expected to be operational by mid-May.

Over the 4 ½-month closure, construction crews diligently replaced water distribution lines within the Havasupai Gardens vicinity and at the Mile-and-a-Half and Three-Mile Resthouses.

Construction activities are still ongoing at sites within the Grand Canyon South Rim and the inner canyon. Progress has been made, with contractor facilities and two raw water tanks nearing completion. Concurrently, construction of the new South Rim water treatment plant, helibase building, and landing pads is underway. Excavation work is also ongoing for the new Phantom Ranch water treatment plant.

Future closures related to construction projects are anticipated, including:

  • Plateau Point Trail from the Tonto Trail junction to Plateau Point: June 21, 2024-March 14, 2025
  • Bright Angel Trail from Havasupai Gardens to Silver Bridge: Dec. 2, 2024-March 14, 2025
  • Bright Angel Campground: Dec. 19, 2024-May 9, 2025
  • Silver Bridge: Sept. 15-Dec. 31, 2025

Please note that construction areas and schedules are subject to change. Visitors are advised to consult the park’s website for the latest operational updates. Intermittent trail delays of up to 30 minutes may occur near construction zones throughout the project duration, as necessary.