Grand Canyon Students Go on San Juan River Adventure

Some of us couldn’t even imagine braving the San Juan River’s aggressive waters, but a group of nine Grand Canyon School students recently completed their four-day journey down the upper portion of the river. Lori Rommel, the group’s adult chaperone, reports that temperatures dipped as low as 41 degrees, despite clear skies and plenty of sunshine, but the children kept their chins up and soldiered on, completing their journey and creating memories that will endure a lifetime.

But that’s not all the students gained from this trip. Many of the students were introduced to river rafting for the very first time, possibly spawning a lifetime love of the activity. Maybe someday these children will go on to raft down the Colorado River, looking up at the Grand Canyon from within!

Have you ever wanted to take your own rafting adventure through the Grand Canyon’s Colorado River? Not only is that goal within reach, but there are a few different ways to approach that dream. Looking for a challenging private rafting adventure? Read more about private journeys along the river here. More interested in a guided tour of the canyon floor? Rafting tours are available as well as a more accommodating bus and raft tour that will take you straight from the Grand Canyon National Park Visitor Center to the Colorado River below.

This trip was made possible through a partnership with Grand Canyon Youth, a non-profit that works with school in the Grand Canyon area to make opportunities like this available. If you live near the Grand Canyon and don’t know if your school offers this program, you can contact your school or Grand Canyon Youth to find out more.