Grand Canyon Trip Destinations | Lava Falls

The turbulent and raging Colorado River carves its path through the Grand Canyon and is regarded as one of the best whitewater adventures in the world. For many, the ultimate highlight of a rafting trip here is Lava Falls, perhaps the most legendary rapid in the canyon.

River guides and historians spin lively tales about this rocky torrent that is rated Class 10, which marks the highest degree of difficulty. Over time, Lava Falls has been considered so daunting that even Grand Canyon legends like John Wesley Powell and Robert Brewster Stanton would not run the rapid, choosing instead to portage around it.

George Flavell and Ramon Montez where the first known adventurers to traverse Lava Falls during a trip in 1896 that saw them run every Grand Canyon rapid except Soap Creek. For the trip, Flavell constructed a square-sterned, flat-bottomed boat he named The Panthon. Flavell published his journal from the excursion and remarked, :There is only one stone we must not hit, our Tomb Stone!”

Adventure seekers today can experience a myriad of Grand Canyon wonders during their Colorado River adventure like emerald pools, hidden waterfalls, colorful flowers and thriving wildlife. Grand Canyon Expeditions offers eight-day motorized boat tours and 14-day to 16-day Dory boat trips on the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon.
The guided tours include hiking remote areas of the canyon, learning about the natural splendor and scintillating history of the area, swimming in side canyons and running class IV whitewater rapids.