Testimonial: Great Grand Canyon visit | staff make difference

My husband and I wanted to take a vacation, and since both of us had never been to the Grand Canyon before, we decided that was the place to go. When we arrived we checked into our hotel, the Kachina Lodge. We were very pleased with the accommodations. The hotel staff was very friendly and recommended several activities. After we settled in, we went ahead and did some exploring and took some pictures. We then jumped on one of the shuttles, which was great. The shuttle took us to some of the different overlooks, where we snapped photos and took in the beauty of the Grand Canyon. The shuttle driver was extremely nice and informative, and did not hesitate to answer everyone’s questions.
After our shuttle ride we were pretty tired, so we retired for the evening. On day two we started the day at the Visitors Center where we saw the IMAX film. The IMAX film was absolutely outstanding. We learned so much about the history of the Grand Canyon and we were able to see the entire canyon in all it’s splendor. I’m the type of person who doesn’t like to fly, so a helicopter ride was out of the question for us, but the IMAX made up for that – it honestly felt like we were flying over the canyon and I loved that! After the IMAX we spent some more time at the Visitors Center, and again I want to emphasize how great and accommodating the staff was – we were really impressed with that.
After the Visitors Center we went to the live bird show which was a real delight. Not only was the show extremely entertaining, but again, the staff that ran it was so informative and courteous. After the bird show we did a little more exploring and then we retired for the evening.
On day three we did one morning shuttle ride, took our last photos, and waved goodbye to the Grand Canyon. I will say the most memorable part of this trip was just experiencing the Grand Canyon for the first time. I really can’t put into words how captivating it really is. Watching the sunset over the Grand Canyon could be one of the most beautiful sites my eyes have ever witnessed. This trip far exceeded our expectations. We met a lot of nice people and noticed several visitors were from other countries. I just really want to emphasize how great the staff was, we were very impressed. They really seem like they want to be there and really enjoy what they do. That is rare these days. We certainly plan on returning to the Grand Canyon in the future!

-Sue Murray