What you can find and do at the Visitor Center

The Visitor Center, located in Arizona at the South Rim of the Grand Canyon is the first place for guests to stop, both online and offline, to find the most comprehensive information to help create their Grand Canyon experience.

Talk To The Local Representatives

The Visitor Center is host to the ‘Official” Arizona Office of Tourism. The local representatives that are on staff have lived in the area of the Grand Canyon for a long time and have experienced all that the National Park and surrounding areas offer. They are a great source of information and can offer guests excellent advice about traveling in and around the Grand Canyon areas.

Pre-Purchase Park Entrance Passes

With no additional cost to purchase your pass ahead of time at the Visitor Center, pick up your pass to enter the Park area at the South Rim, and save yourself time. For travelers who have purchased pre-paid passes, there is a special lane that allows pre-paid pass vehicles to enter separately. This can save guests a significant amount of time, as the lane to pay and enter the park can sometimes be extremely long.

Discover Tour

Browse through all the available sightseeing tours available at the National Park. With a large variety of guided trips & excursions and adventures, there is something to please every physical capability or age group. Choose from privately guided walking tours to exciting aerial flights and a variety of Grand Canyon bus tours to enhance your experience. Our courteous and friendly staff can provide additional information.

Learn About the History of the Grand Canyon Through Interactive Exhibits

Visual images, three dimensional rock formations and other interactive exhibits are all a part of the Visitor Center experience and allow guests to learn about the history of the Canyon. Learn about the geology of the Canyon and experience the science behind the creation of the majestic Park. Actual wooden dories from the filming of the John Wesley Powell expedition in the IMAX Movie, “Grand Canyon: Rivers of Time.

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