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GRAND CANYON, Ariz. – The Preventive Search and Rescue (PSAR) program at Grand Canyon National Park is excited to introduce its latest endeavor, the HIKE SMART film project, designed to bolster hiking safety awareness among park visitors.

Recognizing the evolving landscape of communication and the growing impact of social media, PSAR managers identified the necessity to revamp their messaging strategy. In light of platforms such as YouTube and social media platforms shaping public discourse, the team opted for an engaging video format to effectively convey crucial safety messages.

Meghan Smith, PSAR Coordinator, expresses enthusiasm for the project’s launch, stating, “We’re delighted to unveil this film initiative, marking a significant advancement in our ongoing mission to promote hiking safety at Grand Canyon. Through captivating storytelling and collaboration with our partners, we’re confident that this short film will equip visitors with the knowledge to make informed decisions during their park adventures.”

For this project, the team enlisted the expertise of Harlan Tanney and Sandcast Media. Leveraging their extensive experience in northern Arizona, the collaborators seamlessly integrated local insights and a shared dedication to conservation into the project.

Watch the video below.