Learn about the endangered Condor Encounter Live bird show

If you can’t experience actual birds of prey in person while hiking in the Grand Canyon, don’t miss out on this opportunity to have a close encounter with these free-flying creatures at the Condor encounter live show.

Falcons, Eagles, Hawks, Ravens, Owls and the world’ s largest flying raptor – the Condor – are all part of this breathtaking live show held at the Visitor Center’ s outdoor amphitheater.

The Condor Encounter live bird show exhibition exhibition begins on May 14th and runs until September 18th. The dramatic show provides audience members with insights about how these rugged birds of prey survive in the harsh elements of the Grand Canyon and how people can help to protect these rare and endangered

The Condor Encounter live bird show exhibition is presented by Nature Valley in support of the Peregrine Fund.

– By Jeff Louderback