May Second Snow What Most Hope to be the Last Roar of Winter 2018 for the Area

Winter took another nip at the high country in Arizona this week. A snowy mix left a little more than a dusting on May 2, 2018.

One Last Roar for Winter
The winter of 2018 is a strange one for the whole of the United States. Across the country, the bizarre weather is abounding and with a full-on snow-day in Arizona, it’s obviously not quite done. The unexpected snow day covered portions of northern and eastern Arizona, with Flagstaff and Show Low getting nearly an inch. Williams received up to two inches. Most people in these areas hope that this is the last roar of winter’s fury.

Thankfully, most of the accumulation was on the roadside, instead of the road. However, portions of I-40 were delayed. Roads and commuter areas weren’t covered completely but there was still wetness, slush, and ice that slowed down the commute. Residents and frequent travelers of the Arizona roads are used to this weather, during what is naturally winter.  Yet, the juxtaposition of what is to be expected in May and what was observed was startling.  “Well today, it’s freezing,” said one woman who was interviewed at a world famous, Pinon Café. “Normally, it’s beautiful up here this time of the year, with spring with all the flowers, but to get snow — we were done. We were done.”  After all, even those who live in a higher elevation don’t expect to see winter weather in May.

True Expectations
Many people across the country think of deserts and cacti when they think of Arizona. The last thing that comes to mind is snow.  Although, for the people who live in the higher elevations of Arizona, they witness a completely different side to their state.   In the winter, people who live in what is considered the High Country are used to snow. Yet, even as the winter weather is expected, the time of year is out of the ordinary.  However, some people are comfortable with what others hope is the last bit of winter’s fury.  “I really enjoy the weather,” said another Pinon Café patron, “because I was born down in the Valley, and when we came up here, it was cold. It was nice.”
In summation, there are mixed feelings about the eccentric May weather. Still, everyone can agree that the snow was unpredictable for the area.