Grand Canyon  Visitor Center

No Entering Grand Canyon North Rim this Winter Season

The Grand Canyon North Rim will closed for the season, while the South remains open. This typically happens every winter at the Canyon. The North Rim will stay closed, which means no vehicle traffic. State Route 67 and all other services on the North Rim will open for the 2014 season beginning May 15th 2014. Grand Canyon  Visitor Center Skiers and Snowboarders can enter the North rim section of the park – a 45 mile trip from Jacob Lake, Ariz or via inner canyon trails from teh South Rim. The North Rim campground will still be available for winter camping. You’ll need backcountry permit to camp at the North Rim during the winter months. This can be obtained from: Backcountry Information Center @ South Rim Grand Canyon Pipe Springs National Monument west of Fredonia, AZ Bureau of Land Management Integragency Visitor Center in St. George, UT Information on Winter Camping Backcountry Information Center @ 928-638-7875 1pm & 5pm MST (Weekdays, Excluding Holidays) *Note The Grand Canyon South Rim is open YEAR-ROUND!