Is this the Most Beautiful Weather Event Witnessed at the Grand Canyon?

A River of Clouds Flowing Through the Grand Canyon. The Most Beautiful Weather Event One Can Ever Witness In Life?

Natural events and nature in general make us wonder how incredible the Earth is and can be. We all get stunned before the view of natural beauties such as national parks, canyons, rivers, lakes, and mountains. Nature can be sometimes the most awesome thing we have ever experienced in our life. Probably the same emotions we feel when our children are born, when we get engaged and then married, or when we simply land the job of our life. But nature cannot be understood, and neither can feelings. There are things that cannot be explained, such as natural events and love.

In fact something amazing, and difficult to replicate, happened at the Grand Canyon a few days ago. Over Thanksgiving the Grand Canyon was literally filled with a river of clouds. Apparently a cold fog was trapped in the canyon by a “lid” of warm air, which produced what is known in meteorology as an inversion.

CNN Meteorologist Brandon Miller said that it had being snowing in the area, and that snow was just beginning to melt. “The melting snow created a cold layer near the surface. This cold air (because it is heavier than warm air) sunk into the canyon and created the fog.”

This fog physically created a river of clouds, which were running and floating through the canyon, obscuring its depths. Even though inversions are not rare in nature, Miller said that what made this event unique was the sunny weather, which put emphasis on the layers of air and offered an astonishing view of the Canyon itself.

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According to the park officials, two inversions occurred during the Thanksgiving weekend: one on Friday, and the second one on Sunday.

People visiting the Grand Canyon during that weekend witnessed a unique view of the Grand Canyon and overall one in a lifetime experience. Not everyone gets so lucky to experience such an amazing event in life. Those who happened to be there during the inversion on their first trip, can call themselves fortunate for being able to take a picture of it and say, “I was there. What I saw was unbelievable”. We assume it was. That must have been something really special to experience first-hand and to be probably remembered many years from now.