Oakville Scouts Awed by First Canyon Visit

oaksvill scout grand canyonIt’s not every day that a Boy Scout Troop takes a trip to the Grand Canyon, but the lucky few groups that get to make the trip are given an experience that simply can’t be beat. One lucky troop, Boy Scout Troop 140 from Oakville, Connecticut, recently got the chance to visit the striking natural vistas of the canyon, and they weren’t disappointed.

Their journey began at Zion National Park where the group took in their first unforgettable views of Bryce Canyon and the fascinating rock formations that surround the park. With the red Arizona sun illuminating arches of stone and sandcliffs, the unique Bryce Canyon was an enthralling first look at what was to come before the group took to the North Rim.

As the group ascended to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon, they experienced the peace and solitude the North Rim is celebrated for. The higher elevation meant that many of the scouts had trouble breathing, but they still managed to complete the challenging hike to Bright Angel Point. At 9,000 feet above sea level, Bright Angel Point is one of the best Grand Canyon lookouts, and many of the scouts truly appreciated what they were seeing, taking a moment to soak in the view.

After a quick (and freezing cold) rafting trip down the mighty Colorado, the Grand Canyon’s original architect, the group adjourned to the Grand Canyon South Rim for another view of the canyon’s grandeur. Taking in a 10-mile-wide panorama of the canyon was worth the extra traffic and crowds, and after a well-deserved rest, the group set off on another hike, a 13-mile track along the trail to Hermit’s Rest. The entire trail runs along the canyon, so along the way, the scouts had plenty to look at, including interesting plants, animals – and an ever-present 1-mile drop into the Earth.

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After seeing the canyon, the troop made it a point not to miss out on another unmistakable Arizona landmark – Monument Valley. The most photographed landscape in America, Monument Valley has appeared in countless films and television shows over the decades. Visiting all 29 of the rock formations that make up Monument Valley is no small task, but the troop managed to visit them all – they’re a lot more impressive up close, by the way, so if you ever get the chance, don’t just view them from afar!

Next, Scout Troop 140 took to the Hoover Dam, an engineering marvel that created 585 miles of lakefront property, before stopping at one last beloved Grand Canyon monument – the Skywalk. Situated on the Grand Canyon’s West Rim, the Skywalk is a large, horseshoe-shaped glass bridge that extends over the canyon, allowing the troops to look down into the very canyon they hiked alongside on their way to Hermit’s Rest.

Clearly, Boy Scout Troop 140 got the most out of their Grand Canyon adventure. It had it all, from hiking, to rafting, to some of Arizona’s most memorable landmarks, but let’s hear what you think! What would your ideal Grand Canyon adventure be? What should the scouts be sure not to miss if they come back for a second visit? Let us know in the comments section below!