Grand Canyon News: Week of August 17th 2015

Clueless Hikers Still a Puzzle for Grand Canyon Rangers
Many hikers are not prepared for the canyon’s rigors.
Source: Arizona Daily Star
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Hamblin & Peterson: The Natural ‘Temples’ of the Grand Canyon
Humanity’s universal ancient association of the powers of nature.
Source: Deseret News
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Roadwork Continues North Of Grand Canyon After Flooding
Crews are currently working on 89A.
Source: The Diane Rehm Show
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Heavy Metals Polluting Colorado River In Grand Canyon National Park
Managing exposure risks in the Grand Canyon will be a challenge.
Source: National Parks Traveler
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Grand Canyon National Park Volunteers Take Aim at North Rim Re-Vegetation Projects
Volunteers vital for North Rim’s re-vegetation project to help protect historic cabins, over 9,000 plants put in the ground since 2012.
Source: Grand Canyon News
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