Pink Jeep

Pink Jeep offer a variety of tours from the Grand Canyon Visitor Center including the Grand Entrance Sunset and Grand Entrance tours.  There are a number of Covid-19 policies and protocols in place that customers should be aware of. These adjustments have been made with the health and wellbeing of both guests and employees in mind. Pink Jeep is requiring compliance with all their policies and protocols to participate in a tour.

Prior to tour:
All guests should review Covid-19 symptom list as provided by the CDC. If a guest have any symptoms within 14 days prior to visitation they should not participate.

On Arrival:
A Temperature screening will be performed prior to admittance by a touchless scanner. Guests with a temperature of 100.4 F or greater will be denied access to a tour. If guests have a medical condition that would create a fever, they should bring a note from their doctor. Guests should come prepared to wear a mask and should bring their own.

During Tour:
Guests should follow social distancing recommendations. Riders will be limited and guests should maintain 6 feet distance between non-family/non-cohabitating individuals. All guests must wear masks. All contact points will be sanitized before and after tours.

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