Skip Lines, Skip Hassle Along the Grand Canyon Tusayan Shuttle

Going on a Grand Canyon adventure is a fun experience, but the excitement, energy, and momentum can sometimes be stalled by traffic. Jams on the highway and long lines for tickets are common during the heavy tourist season. However, you can skip many of the long lines and shorten the trip time spent in your car by taking a shuttle from Tusayan.

Starting March 1st, visitors can park their cars at the shuttle station to save time, relieve stress, and enjoy their visit with fewer hassles. The Tusayan shuttle service is just a mile south of the main entrance to the Grand Canyon and can take you directly to the Grand Canyon Visitor Center. Shuttle buses are available within 20 minute intervals from 8:00 A.M. to 9:45 P.M. every day during spring break tourist season through September 30th. Riders must have purchased a Grand Canyon park pass in advance or purchase on in Tusayan at RP’s Stage Stop, Canyon Plaza Resort, the Red Feather Lodge, or the IMAX Theater.

The shuttle makes four stops to the IMAX Theater/RP’s Stage Stop, Best Western Grand Canyon Squire Inn, The Grand Hotel, and the Big E Steakhouse and Saloon to take riders over to the Grand Canyon Visitor Center. From there, tourists can enjoy easier access to walking paths, trails, scenic viewpoints, and take additional shuttles to other areas of the park.

With waits in traffic lasting over an hour during busier times of the year, the Tusayan shuttle service can significantly cut down on travel time in order for you and your family to enjoy the park to its fullest. Bypassing the anxiety of finding a parking spot after 11:00 A.M. and potential road work on the highway can reduce the stress of travel so you can fully appreciate your time at the Canyon. As an added bonus, taking the shuttle also reduces air pollution and the overall carbon footprint in the area.

So when you plan your next trip to the Grand Canyon, consider taking the shuttle. As others wait in line or get stuck on the road, you can relish in the great natural wonder from a view outside of your car window.