South Kaibab Trail

Grand Canyon Hiking South Kaibab Trail

South Kaibab Trail

About: off Desert View Dr, trailhead near Yaki Point, Grand Canyon National Park, AZ 86023 928-638-7888

Description: SOUTH RIM. Along with Bright Angel Trail, South Kaibab is one of the Canyon’s most popular trails, thanks to fantastic scenery and well-maintained paths. South Kaibab was created by the National Park Service as a free alternative to the then-for-profit Bright Angel. Its steep descent runs approximately 7 miles to the Colorado River where a suspension bridge then connects it to the North Kaibab Trail, which is a 14-mile hike from the river to the North Rim of the Canyon. Rangers do not recommend going into the Canyon and coming back out in a single day. Rather, folks are advised to go part way and come back up or to camp at the Canyon’s base (reservations and permits required). Depending on time and fitness, some visitors descend the South Kaibab Trail (which is steeper and offers neither water nor shade), camp, and then ascend Bright Angel, which is kinder to weary hikers. Rangers can provide the best advice for your skill level.