Taking a Trip Through Time at Grand Canyon National Park

Many people that visit the Grand Canyon trails are just enjoying the beauty of a nature hike. Others like to take in the view and the Grand Canyon weather. The most studious tourists will study the history of the Canyon and how many native tribes have called it home. Then there are those visitors that aren’t just into the Grand Canyon’s history, but its prehistory.

Many rock formations have risen up and fallen multiple times over before mankind ever set foot near the Grand Canyon. Weather, flooding, and time have eroded the area down into the massive gorge and rivers we enjoy gazing upon today. While most tourists are satisfied experiencing what the Grand Canyon is now, many want to know more about what the Grand Canyon used to be.

Scientific tourists can take a rafting trip at Grand Canyon National Park to take a look at the Great Uncomformity. The Great Uncomformity refers to a gap in the Canyon’s geological makeup. There is an initial layer of rock known as the Vishnu Schist that is 1.75 billion years old. Above the schist is the 525-million year-old Tapeats sandstone. But what happened during the absent 1.25 billion years? There is no layer in-between to explain that.

Think of all the mountains that have risen and fallen throughout 1.25 billion years. Think of all the animal species that appeared and came to extinction. All of that. Gone. Missing. Without a trace. Sounds like a scientific mystery, right?

There are some Young Earth Creationists that took this Grand Canyon tour and believe the time gap supports the worldwide flood depicted in the story of Noah’s Ark. Others believe the gap supports the “deep time” theory. While these are the most extreme theories, there is currently no rational explanation to this time gap. Geologists are fascinated that nearly a quarter of Earth’s existence appears to be missing in this area.

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Time and further study is necessary to find the true answer. Until then, you can visit it yourself and come up with your own theory.