Testimonial : A Memorable Grand Canyon IMAX Experience

“My husband and are part of a vacation club (timeshare), and one of the destinations that was available for the days we wanted to travel was in Mesa, AZ. Over the years, my folks had always recommended to us that we take a trip to the Grand Canyon, and since my husband had never been there we planned a one day trip to the Grand Canyon. We arrived and right away saw the IMAX, I really enjoyed. My husband adored it. He loved it so much he bought the video and is now showing it to everyone who comes over to our house. After the IMAX, we did some looking around at the Visitors  took the shuttles to do some site seeing. It was great stopping to see all the different overlook points and ridges. The views were absolutely spectacular. We snapped lots of photos and did some other exploring on foot. The staff members were really courteous and informative. They took the time to walk around and meet with all the different parties individually to answer questions and explain things. I found that to be very noble. We then went and saw a wildlife presentation, showing all the different wildlife living in and around the Grand Canyon. Again, the staff were very accessible to explain things about the different animals, and to answer individual questions about them. The most memorable part of the Grand Canyon vacation was when I stood on the edge of one of the cliffs, my stomach turned and I felt a wild rush. I’ll never forget that moment. Before we departed for the day, we saw the sunset over the Grand Canyon. This was one of the most beautiful sites myself or my husband had ever seen. A site we’ll never forget.”