Testimonial : David and Carla Christensen – Keizer, Oregon

“My wife and I have friends who live in Prescott, AZ. While visiting them, we decided to take a day trip to the Grand Canyon, because we had never been there before and our friends from Prescott insisted on it. When we arrived, we immediately hiked around the rim, and sat down to a nice picnic lunch. It was extremely hot that day, so we went down to the Visitors Center and decided to see the IMAX. The IMAX was absolutely delightful, my wife went bonkers over it. Seeing the Grand Canyon in all its splendor on the IMAX screen is unbelievable. My wife loved it so much she even purchased a copy of it to take home and she shows all our friends. Because my wife was so gaga over the IMAX, she insisted we do a helicopter ride before we leave. She wanted to see what she saw on the IMAX with her own eyes. We did the chopper ride, and I’ll say, it was really the cherry on top of a magnificent day. After the chopper ride we watched the sunset over the Canyon and then headed back to Prescott. All in all, we had a blast. We want to return in the future and spend more time there, being that we were only able to spend a day there. The most memorable part of the vacation was my wife’s reaction to the IMAX and helicopter ride,  I’ve never seen her so excited! This trip far exceeded our expectations and we cannot wait to get back!