Testimonial: Duane and Joan Jones – Coopersburg, Pennsylvania

“My wife and I had planned a vacation to Flagstaff, one reason being is that neither of us had been to the Grand Canyon before, so we decided now was the time to go. Our flight into Flagstaff was delayed so we did not arrive until the early evening. We quickly checked into our hotel room and then got on one of the shuttles that took us to see the sunset over the canyon. This was our first real view of the Grand Canyon, and I’ll tell you I never imagined it to be as beautiful as it was, especially with the sunset in the background. After the sunset we had dinner and retired for the evening. We woke up early the next morning and took a shuttle to see the sunrise over Yavapi Point, but unfortunately we didn’t get the best view due to clouds. We continued taking shuttles around the different areas of the canyon, and went to many different overlooks. Neither of us could believe how vast and gorgeous the Grand Canyon really is. We were extremely impressed. The shuttle drivers were extremely kind and very informative; they gave us great tips on where to go and what to look for. They seem to take great pride in what they do and I really respect that. After taking shuttles around for most of the day we did a little hiking ourselves. We hiked for a while and took several pictures. After our hike we headed over to the Visitors Center. I’d again like to commend how courteous and accommodating the staff members were – the Visitors Center staff was great. We went and saw the IMAX film which was fantastic. My wife and I could not believe the photography and seeing the entire Grand Canyon on the IMAX screen was a blast. We also really enjoyed the historical aspect of the film.  It was great to learn some background information on the Grand Canyon, things we’d never known before. We spent a little more time at the Visitors Center, and then drove out east and saw the Watch Tower and the Tusayan Indian Ruins and Museum, which was amazing! After this we drove back to the hotel and retired for the night. We had to be up early the next morning to make our flight and we were lucky enough to see the sunrise over the canyon before we left – what a beautiful sight! The most memorable part of this trip was when we got off the shuttle the first night and saw the canyon for the first time with the sunset.  It was really something special. This trip certainly met our expectations, as we expected to have a fantastic time and we did! Looking very much forward to returning in the future!”

Duane and Joan Jones – Coopersburg, Pennsylvania