Testimonial: Casilda and John Struckhoff, St. Louis, MO

My husband and I were on vacation in Flagstaff and we learned through our hotel that they provide a shuttle service to and from the Grand Canyon on certain days of the week and that it was only about a two-hour ride. Because it was leaving the next morning, we decided we’d give it a shot and go down there. Neither of us had been there before so we were quite excited about the day trip. We woke up that next morning, had a nice breakfast and jumped on the shuttle. We arrived at the Grand Canyon and were dropped off at the Visitors Center. We were greeted by a very friendly staff that answered our questions and directed us to the IMAX movie, which was a blast. We both absolutely loved it. We loved learning the history of the Grand Canyon and seeing the entire canyon on the IMAX technology. The IMAX technology made us feel like we were hang gliding through the canyon – it was really exciting! After the IMAX movie we explored the Visitors Center for a little while, and then saw the Live Bird Show, which just like the IMAX – it was an absolute delight! The staff who hosted the show made it really fun to attend and was very informative. After the IMAX and Live Bird Show we headed out to the shuttles to see more of the Grand Canyon. Once we got to the first overlook and we finally got to see the Grand Canyon for the first time with our own eyes, we were in absolute awe. After seeing it on the IMAX we knew it was beautiful, but to be standing right in front of it was unbelievable. We continued to take the shuttles around to different areas of the canyon and got to view the canyon from several different overlooks and vantage points. We must have snapped a thousand pictures. We could not believe how vast the Grand Canyon is, we seriously had no idea it was as large and as beautiful as it was. One thing I’m glad we did was see the IMAX movie and bird show before we went out on the shuttles, because they both gave us some background information on the Grand Canyon and when we saw different birds we were actually able to identify them. Towards the end of our shuttle rides it started raining, and since it was getting close to the time we planned on leaving we had dinner and went back to the shuttle. I would say the most memorable part of my stay at the Grand Canyon was when I was at one of the overlooks. I was able to stand towards the edge and peer down at how deep the canyon went and I was blown away. My husband’s favorite memory was the IMAX. Also, how great the Park Service ran things and kept everything organized was also a very memorable part of our stay. This trip far exceeded our expectations.  We never knew everything the Grand Canyon included, its vastness, and how there are waterways and vegetation in the canyon. We expected a dry hole in the ground filled with rocks. My husband and I really enjoyed our day at the Grand Canyon and the next time we travel to Arizona we will return, and for longer than one day at that!

Casilda and John Struckhoff, St. Louis, MO