Grand Canyon Experts | A conversation with Wendy Wason Part 2

Q  What is it like when you get to the overlook at Horseshoe Bend?

A  You come to a place where the trail just drops off – it is just amazing.

Q  So on those trips how do you enter Grand Canyon National Park and where do you visit?

A  We come in the east entrance and go to Desert View and then Grandview Point. Then

Photo by Steele Wotkyns

we stop at the Visitor Center and from there our guests can also visit Mather Point. Mather Point is very beautiful – you get an all-encompassing view – and I like it better than Bright Angel because at Mather Point there are several places overlooking the Canyon and it’s a pretty spectacular platform made out of rock. If you are on your own visiting with your car I also recommend Yavapai Point and the museum there.

Q  What do you suggest for visitors so they get the most out of their experience, particularly if they are planning on hiking in the Grand Canyon?

A  I would say if you are going to visit in the summer you should go early in the morning to start your hike. You also want to be aware of the altitude at Grand Canyon. So I recommend people prepare before they come and that they know their limits. Also if someone is really tired while they are hiking, they should not hesitate to turn around.

Q  Is there something else you would also recommend for visitors that they may not know about?

A  Yes. I haven’t done it but I think that bicycling trip along the Hermit Drive and the west

Photo by Steele Wotkyns

rim would really be fun. To me it would be a more interesting way to see that part of the Canyon than you can by taking the shuttle bus. The west rim is really exciting – we walked part of it the other day and it was quiet, and peaceful. So I would recommend visitors bring or rent a bicycle because you can see that part of the Canyon from the rim in a half day pretty easily.

Also, it is pretty easy to arrange to get married at Grand Canyon. There are different viewpoints where a wedding is allowed, like Shoshone Point. You register with the Park, and pay a fee and then you can enjoy your marriage ceremony at one of the most scenic places in the world.

Wendy Wason has been working for over 20 years as a freelance guide/interpreter for foreign visitors to the Grand Canyon. She leads trips for Adventure Travel West and Bonjour USA Tours. Adventure Travel West specializes in hiking and camping trips to the parks and the Southwest. Bonjour USA organizes bus trips for French visitors.

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