Testimonial: Family from Lethbridge, Alberta love Grand Canyon

“My family were visiting friends down in Arizona, and since we had never been to the Grand Canyon before, our friends strongly recommended we take a day trip there. We arrived at the Visitors Center, and were greeted by friendly and informative staff. We then saw the IMAX movie which was wonderful. We absolutely loved the scenes, especially all the rivers and my stomach turned when we dropped over the edge of the canyon. The kids loved that part! After the IMAX we did a lot of hiking around. We went to the different overlooks, took lots of pictures, and really had a great time. The most memorable part of the trip was of course experiencing the Grand Canyon for the first time as a family, and also the reaction on our children’s faces when they first saw the canyon! Our friends told us what to expect, so the trip was pretty much what we expected, but all around it was a great time and we cannot wait to return in the future!”

Tina Salvolainen – Lethbridge, Alberta