Testimonial: Grand Canyon IMAX makes visit memorable for disabled visitor from Ontario, Canada

My husband and I took a trip to Las Vegas, as we had never been there before. While in Las Vegas we made the decision to drive down to the Grand Canyon and see what it had to offer.

When we first arrived, we went to the Visitors Center and saw the IMAX. The IMAX was amazing! I have a walking disability, so I’m not able to do much hiking. To be able to see the entire Grand Canyon in such great detail was truly something special. We loved the IMAX so much that we even bought a copy to take home with us. I think the IMAX is a must see for any Grand Canyon visitor.Grand Canyon Movie Still

The Grand Canyon staffers were very accommodating to my walking disability. They allowed us to use our car to view lots of the different areas of the Canyon where normally only where shuttles are allowed. I never realized there was so much to see at the Grand Canyon!

The most memorable parts of our Grand Canyon trip were definitely the IMAX and seeing the sun set over the canyon. The Grand Canyon far exceeded both my and my husband’s expectations.

Sheila D – Ontario, Canada