Testimonial: Second visit to Grand Canyon delights family from Baltimore, Maryland

My husband and I were in Arizona seeing family and, since we hadn’t been to the Grand Canyon in such a long time, decided we’d visit again. We arrived at the Visitors Center, were greeted very politely by staff, and did a little looking around. After spending some time viewing the Visitors Center, we decided to see the IMAX.

The IMAX tour of the Grand Canyon was an absolute delight! Seeing the entire Grand Canyon, all the different formations, water, on the IMAX screen was simply stunning. I recommend anyone who visits the Grand Canyon to see the IMAX. After the IMAX we did some exploring and site seeing around the canyon, took some pictures and were really marveled by the sites.

I think every American should visit the Grand Canyon sometime in their life. It is such a beautiful place and we are so lucky as Americans to have it. The last time my husband and I visited the Grand Canyon the weather was lousy, it was snowing and it wasn’t nearly as enjoyable experience as we had this time. All the improvements they’ve made since the last time we came here: The Visitors Center, restaurants and amenities, even the parking lot, were so well done and accessible.

My husband and I plan on returning in the near future — this time staying at least overnight if not longer! This trip to the Grand Canyon, albeit we were only there for an afternoon, was one we will not forget, especially the helicopter ride and IMAX, both of which I feel are Grand Canyon visitor musts!”

Pat G – Baltimore, Maryland