Testimonial : Nancy Austin – Tacoma, WA

“My husband and I primarily live in Washington state, but in the winter we live in Lake Havasu, Arizona. We wanted to take a trip, and since we hadn’t been to the Grand Canyon before and it wasn’t far away, we decided to go. Also, my sister had taken a raft trip trough the Grand Canyon, and had told us how delightful it was, so we were quite intrigued with the idea. We arrived for a two day trip. We began to take the shuttles around the different areas of the canyon, which we really enjoyed. To finally see the Grand Canyon in person is truly something special. It is beautiful. The wind began to severely pick up on the second day of our trip, so we decided to see the IMAX. I will say, I felt jipped by the IMAX. If I had known it was only 30 minutes long I would not have paid what I did for it. I felt it was too expensive for a 30 minute show. Everything else was fine besides the IMAX. Because my sister had previously seen the Grand Canyon so thouroughly with her raft trip, we are planning on going on a raft trip ourselves in the future, so we can experience the Canyon that way. “