The 41 st Annual Fourth of July Parade and Laser Light Show in Tusayan Adds to the Grand Canyon’s Centennial Celebration

Each year, for the past four decades, the Grand Canyon Chamber of Commerce has
hosted an awesome 4 th of July celebration in Tusayan. This year was no different,
except, that it was a special year for the Grand Canyon National Park; the natural
wonder that has brought so much joy to thousands of people, is 100 years old this year.
Or, at least, the National Park part of the Grand Canyon is celebrating its centennial.
Some scientists believe that the actual Grand Canyon is over 70 million years old!

Yet, due to the inability to buy that many candles, the centennial celebration will have to

Still, while the Grand Canyon National Park is ingrained in our memories as a staple of
America, it is hard to believe there ever was a time before the grand canyon was THE
Grand Canyon.

“We are looking forward to this year’s event,” said Chamber manager Laura Chastain.
“We are excited to be celebrating Grand Canyon National Park’s 100th centennial
celebration in a fun, family environment.”

Every year, the Grand Canyon Chamber of Commerce has a theme for their 4 th of July
celebration. This year, the theme was, appropriately, “Grand Canyon Celebration” and
focused on Grand Canyon National Park’s centennial.

The festivities began at 2:30 p.m., when children had the opportunity to join the parade
by decorating their bikes and riding along. The parade started at 3:30 p.m. driving down
Highway 64 in Tusayan.

After the parade, the celebration was heated up with live music, featuring Michael
Grimm, the fifth season winner of America’s Got Talent. Alongside Grimm, a local band,
Exit 64 performed. The Boulder Alley Boys, another local band opened for the main
event. Meanwhile, a cornucopia of local restaurants and bushiness served everything
from burgers, hot dogs, pulled pork, el pastor, and carnitas tacos, to ice cream and
cotton candy.

After all, it isn’t 4 th of July without such a scrumptious spread!
Additionally, The Kid Zone featured games to keep little ones entertained, along with the
Mad Science of Phoenix, who performed a special show: Fire and Ice.
When the sun finally set over the Grand Canyon, the second annual laser light show
commenced! The magnificent display was the perfect way to end such a wonderful day.
The show even included a special tribute to the park’s 100th anniversary.