Is the Grand Canyon Still a Must-See Landmark of the US? A Surprising Percentage from a New Poll Say No!

The last hundred years has been an interesting turn of events for the world and every
living soul that walks the earth. However, the Grand Canyon has a particularly
interesting view of the last century. It has seen its share of changing landscapes, as
surrounding areas get swallowed up by innovation. Yet, the magnificent canyons remain
the same.

Movies, television shows, families, and individual explorers have used the Grand
Canyon for the location of their sets, vacations, and once in a lifetime vacation spot. It is
a true gem of America. It is, undoubtably, a top spot to visit in the United States.

While the US News and World Report would agree, it was surprising to find that one in
ten people disagreed. Not only did the poll reveal that the Grand Canyon wasn’t all that,
they went further, to explain that they did not think the canyon is among the top thirty
places in the U.S. to see.
Wow. That hurts.

Yet, the no-pulled punches were not yet done swinging; as when the US News editors
released the World’s Best Places to Visit list, the poor canyon came in at number nine.

When a similar poll was taken for this list, asking if the Grand Canyon deserved to be on
the list, 25% percent of people said NO!

One small solace that came to the otherwise beloved National Park was that their rating
of support (89%) was the highest on the best-in-the-U.S. list. Even number two,
Yosemite National Park only managed to squeak out an 82% acceptance vote.

Yellowstone National Park came in third and Maui followed, but both received only 81%
acceptance. Glacier National Park finished the top five but was approved by 85% of

The lowest approval was for Juneau, Alaska, which ranked only 13 th on the list but had
the terribly low approval of 55%.
Regardless, though, the people who were participating in this rating make up a pretty
tough crowd. Is this how everybody feels, or is this an anomaly? Either way, it would be
interesting to know what these people believe should be on the list. Is there a new
generation of interesting travel destinations throughout the US and the world? Or, is it

possible that people are just trying to shake things up and get a few new destinations
added to the list?