Bright Angel Trail

The Most Popular Grand Canyon Attractions: Kolb Studio, Bright Angel Trail

There are some places which beg further scrutiny, however inconspicuous they may seem. The Grand Canyon is a place filled with allure and mystique, and is home to many such attractions. So, the next time you plan to tour Grand Canyon, be sure to take in these sights.

Verkamps : Located on the South Rim and housed in one of the oldest buildings in the Canyon, the Verkamp’s Visitor Center is a great place to drop by for bits of Grand Canyon history and of course, pick up that elusively breathtaking souvenir. Now an imposing structure with ornate portals, it is hard to believe that the Verkamp’s center originated from a tent. The center operates daily 8am thru 5pm and is home to an information desk, a bookstore, various exhibits and a really large inventory of souvenirs and handicrafts. Do visit the walking history timeline in the exhibit area; a fun way to walk through important moments of local, national and international history.

Kolb Studio: Where art meets antiquities. Perched on the very edge of the Canyon along the South rim, as if defying gravity itself, Kolb Studio was the not-so-conventional home and photographic studio of pioneers Emery and Ellsworth Kolb. Begun in 1904, the studio underwent two major additions and today, still retains the zeitgeist of the men who built it. The structure is a testament to the two men who ran the rapids, hiked the canyons and preserved it all as a series of vignettes. Kolb Studio is open all year round and comprises an exhibit center, bookstore and information center. The exhibits vary and feature a series of riveting photographs taken from various points in the canyon. With its intriguing location, panoramic views and rich interiors, this is one of the must visit Grand Canyon attractions.

Hermits Rest: Is a cozy, stone building designed by Mary E.J. Colter and is considered by many as an architectural marvel, owing to its all natural raw materials and native structure. The Hermits rest marks the westernmost point on the South rim and is often a welcome sight that greats many a weary hiker. A massive stone fireplace that houses a roaring fire during winters, native American textiles that adorn its large stone walls, a well-stocked gift shop and a very welcome cafeteria, makes this a frequently sought after place. For the historically inclined, the Hermits Rest was declared a National Historic landmark in 1987.

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Hopi Point: The best place to watch the sun go down? The Hopi point, of course! With its strategic location on the northernmost portion of the south rim, the Hopi point offers unobstructed views of the canyon and the horizon that stretches before it. Spot the temples of Osiris, Shiva, Isis, and Horus – the names of the Canyon’s many famed peaks, from this amazing viewpoint. If the crowds get a little too large for your liking, just walk down the trail and you a sure to chance upon more secluded but equally panoramic viewpoints.

Bright Angel TrailBright Angel Trail: One of the more popular hike trails in the Canyon, the Bright Angel trail offers many levels of challenges and accommodates all ranges of hikers. It is well maintained with several rest stops and drinking water fountains, and offers spectacular views of the canyon. Originally, a trail used by the Havasupai Indians to gain access to perennial water sources, the Bright Angel Trail is now a popular route used by a multitude of tourists. Based on your stamina and timelines,  choose to hike to Indian Garden – 4.6 miles, Plateau Point (via Plateau Point Trail) – 6.1 miles, Colorado River – 7.7 miles, Bright Angel Campground (via the River Trail) – 9.3 miles, Phantom Ranch – 9.8 miles or the North Rim (via North Kaibab Trail) – 23.8 miles.

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