USASA Presents the Grand Canyon Series of Winter Sports

Arizona and Southern Nevada aren’t exactly famous for their frigid weather conditions, and many people assume that Grand Canyon weather is all sandstorms and unrelenting heat, but believe it or not, America’s biggest series of snowboarding and skiing events is coming to the Grand Canyon.

Presenting a chance for skiers and snowboarders in Arizona and Southern Nevada to show what they can do at the largest snowboard competition in the world, the United States of America Snowboard and FreeSki Association’s Grand Canyon Series will be taking place during the weekend of January 24th at Snowbowl.

Comprised of 20 separate events taking place at several renowned slopes in Arizona and Nevada, the Grand Canyon Series is open to all members of the USASA between the ages of 5 and 95. You read that right, the competition is open to virtually anyone, and the grand prize of the series is a chance to take a trip to the USASA Nationals in Colorado and compete for the championship title at the end of March.

Events that will take place in the series are just as varied as the participants that the competition allows, including rail jams, cross-country, slopestyle, and a variety of slalom events to test participants on a wide variety of skills. Training for slalom events took place on Friday, January 16th, and the events themselves took place on the two following days.

The Grand Canyon Series is just one of 31 regional series’ that span across the United States to give as many people possible a chance to compete against some of the most formidable snowboarders and skiers in America. The event in earnest was and will be held at the Arizona Snowbowl, the SunrisePark Resort, and Ski Las Vegas. If you’re interested in participating in or spectating at one of these events, you can register in advance and find more information at or learn more about the Grand Canyon Series at The latter website is still under construction at time of writing, but there’s still plenty of useful information and a more complete website will be available very soon.

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Have you ever taken a ski vacation in Arizona or Nevada? What are some other events that take place in the area that may not seem so obvious? Share what you know with other readers in the comments section below!