Winner of Meitrack’s MT90 GPS Tracker Announced

It really wasn’t easy picking the winner for our Meitrack MT90 giveaway.   We had to be super careful.  We had to be precise.  We had to be extremely thorough.  After all, a GPS Tracker was at stake.We filtered through Facebook Fans

We trudged through our Twitter Followers

Basically, it was a whole lot of compiling.  Finally, we put our hands in the ginormous bowl of names and picked a winner.

The winner of our MT90 Giveaway is…….Judith Smith! … AKA – @Dustdiva216

We asked our winner a few questions.

1.  Where are you from?  What do you do?  I am from Phoenix AZ and have lived in Arizona since I was 3 years.   Are you asking what do I do for work?  I am an Administrative Assistant for a small Company, Desert States Electrical Sales.  We sell electrical parts and equipment for new buildings.

2.  How did you hear about our giveaway?  I saw a article about the 3D Pavement art at the Visitor center, it was either a local news story or someone posted it about it on Facebook (can’t quite remember)  and I was amazed, so I went to your website and then Facebook page to read more about it and that is where I saw the GPS Tracker contest.

3.  Have you ever been to the Grand Canyon?  If so, have you made it to the Visitor Center?  Yes, I have been to the Grand Canyon a number of times.  I have not been to the Visitor Center yet.  We were scheduled to go in May of 2011 when we had a hike scheduled with a group of friends.  I had an unfortunate accident and broke my knee cap and didn’t get to go.  Two surgeries later and a bunch of rehab and I am just now starting to get out and hike again (I am not ready for the canyon yet, but am in the planning stages for another trip to see the canyon again this winter).  We have always gone during the spring/summer and I want to see it with snow.

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4.  How do you plan to use the MT90 Personal Tracker?   We have hiked all over the Southwest, Canyonlands, Chiricahua Mountains, Superstitions, Canyon de Chelly, Sedona etc. and have been in some pretty remote places where we have been concerned about not being able to get assistance if we should get lost or have an accident.  This past summer we did a road trip to Yellowstone also making stops in Arches and Zion.   The tracker would be great for this and we have actually talked about getting one.   We currently leave a map and our contact information in our vehicle before setting out on a hike. Our bucket list consists of visiting/hiking as many National Parks as we can, so a GPS tracker would come in handy.

By the way, my hobby is photography.  I love all of the pictures that you post on the Facebook page.  It is one of my two favorite pages!!

Congratulations to Judith and our sincerest thanks to everyone who LIKED US on Facebook & FOLLOWED US on Twitter.  Keep following @GrandCanyonNGVC on all of our social platforms for the latest Grand Canyon news and contests!