The Grand Canyon Gets a new Kurt Wenner 3D Perspective

Kurt Wenner is a visionary and lives life on the edge. The edge of Art, we mean. Kurt Wenner pioneered 3D art. By now you must have come across at least one of his works, either in person or definitely over the Internet. Kurt Wenner PortraitArt works that heavily feature the Greek Myths, contemporarily created to deliver a moral. Have you wondered who was behind those cool 3D pavement art forms which seem to leap straight at you when viewed from an angle? It is Kurt Wenner. And he has undertaken a grand challenge – the challenge of capturing the Grand Canyon in 3D and immortalizing it in pavement print.

Anamorphism was first used during the Renaissance era by several Great European artists to develop illusion in art. Soaring architecture, floating figures, and dreamscapes were created on massively large ceiling frescoes. This was Wenner’s inspiration. He proceeded to create a beautiful world all his own where reality meets fantasy and 2D comes alive on being viewed from the edge. By combining elements of traditional street painting techniques with classic Renaissance art, he gave birth to a fascinating new art form called anamorphic or 3D pavement art which lets audiences not only ‘view’ a work of art, but also ‘interact’ with it.

An original Kurt Wenner Grand Canyon Installation will be reveal on June 15th, 2012

Wenner believes that – “The magic of the art truly comes alive when people interact with the work. I really am happy that it will become possible for more people to interact with this piece, the first permanent illusion to be exhibited in North America.”

Kurt Wenner is now a globally sought artist and educator with a list of awards under his name, including the Kennedy Center Medallion. He also boasts of a 1987 biographical documentary titled– “Masterpieces In Chalk”.

This Summer, on June 15, all eyes will be on the Visitor Center located in the Grand Canyon South Rim plays center stage as Kurt Wenner, unveils his exclusive Grand Canyon 3D Pavement art masterpiece. What’s even greater is that visitors at the Visitor Center will be able to experience and interact with the power of 3D art for absolutely free.

Nature Valley® is the presenting sponsor of Kurt Wenner’s Grand Canyon 3D Pavement Artwork and in collaboration with Destination Cinema, Inc., of which the Visitor Center is a subsidiary, brings together this must-see visual extravaganza.

Janet Rosener, director of the Visitor Center feels that Kurt Wenner’s 3D artwork and the 34-minute Grand Canyon: Rivers of Time IMAX® film in combination possesses an innate ability to transport viewers to the depths of the Canyon and help them discover a higher level of understanding and appreciation. For more event details, feel free to call (928) 638-2468, or drop in a mail at

If you have always been captivated by the splendor and raw magnificence of the Grand Canyon, then you must view it captured through the eyes of an artist, who promises this work of art to be his personal ode and standing testament to the Canyon’s exquisite charm.

Nature ValleyNature Valley® is the presenting sponsor of Kurt Wenner’s Grand Canyon 3D Pavement Artwork.