100th Anniversary of National Park System Approaching

With the 100th anniversary of the national park system approaching, we’re looking to the future. It’s time to celebrate the beauty held within the Grand Canyon National Park as we take a look into what’s coming next year. The Grand Canyon itself may be over 150 million years old, but next year, we’ll all be celebrating its 100th year as a national park.

It was President Roosevelt who first fought to preserve the Grand Canyon, asking the American people to save it so that their children and their children could someday see it for themselves. Since he originally marked the Grand Canyon as an American treasure, activists and park officials have continued the fight, and the canyon is still beautifully preserved. Millions of people from across the globe come to “the one great sight which every American should see” each year, and for good reason.

The 277 mile-long monument is one of the defining characteristics of America. The canyon is 18 miles across at it widest, and is, on average, a mile deep. Visitors stand in awe of the incredibly vast canyon, and many assert that someone perched at the edge of the canyon could see an incredible 100 miles into the distance. The sun fills the canyon with every color imaginable, and the variety of wildlife that can be found in the canyon is so vast that two new species were discovered just this week.

The Grand Canyon South Rim is the most popular entrance point by far, taking in most of the Grand Canyon’s visitors. This is due to it being more accessible than the North Rim resort and open year-round, but that doesn’t mean that the North Rim doesn’t have its redeeming qualities. North Rim visitors can enjoy a mule ride down to the canyon’s core, but during the colder months, the North Rim is closed.

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For those seeking the full guided Grand Canyon experience, 5 to 19-day rafting voyages are also offered. Many people who’ve made this journey call the experience “life-changing”, and anyone who’s looked down into the canyon can imagine what it must feel like to look up from it. There’s also a 75-minute trolley ride that allows you to view the monument from multiple angles, and since the trolley runs from 4:30 to an hour past sundown, you can easily catch the sunrise if you plan ahead.

Next year, the Grand Canyon will be featuring many special exhibits to celebrate the 100th year anniversary of the institution that’s preserved the Grand Canyon for so long. A new exhibit on the many layers of rock on display will be featured, alongside a new theater production and more ways for visitors to make their own path through the canyon. Bike rentals will also be made available next year.

The Grand Canyon is one of the planet’s most incredibly striking natural formations, and to celebrate 100 years of untouched natural beauty, let’s all look back at the people who’ve fought and still fight to preserve our country’s oldest and most inspiring landmark.

How will you be celebrating the 100th anniversary of national parks? Have you ever seen the Grand Canyon from an interesting angle? Let us know in the comments section below!