21 Year Old Music Management Major Lucy Nannery Talks Grand Canyon – aka: @lucynannery

From Landscapes and wildlife to history and adventure, what’s the one thing
about the Grand Canyon that has intrigued you?

How old it must be, and how amazing it is that the colors appear to change the further your look across the canyon!

Lucy Nannery at Grand Canyon.

If this your first visit to the Canyon, what is motivating you to visit? If this a revisit, what’s your reason for wanting more?

This is my second visit, but the first time i was only 11 so had always wanted to return, as had the rest of my family

What are five things your Backpack to the Canyon must contain?

Water, Camera, Sunglasses, Map & binoculars which unfortunately I did not have the foresight to bring!

What according to you is the best way to get to the Grand Canyon ­ By Air, By Road or By Rail?

We drove, which i really enjoyed & would recommend as it’s not just the Grand Canyon that’s beautiful the surrounding area is also stunning.

What is travel to you in one word?


What are three tips for an awesome budget trip to the Grand Canyon?

Go in a group, will save money on accommodation & it’s an experience you’ll want to share.  Buy a year pass, it means you can get into most of the other national parks,without having to pay for each one individually, could save a bundle. Include your visit in a round trip, there’s loads of other stuff to do around there once you’ve gone all that way you may as well do as much as possible!

On your travels, what would you choose a book or a camera, and why?

A camera, it’s so amazing, and there’s so much to take in, you won’t want to ever forget

As a travel destination, how would you rank the Grand Canyon from 1 to 10?

Did you visit the Visitor Center?  Did you see the IMAX
movie, Grand Canyon: Rivers of Time?  What did you think?
Unfortunately I didn’t get to visit.

Tell us a little about yourself!  What brought you to Grand Canyon? Where are you from?

Unfortunately I didn’t get to visit.

What do you do? What are your influences?

I am a 21 year old student from the UK, studying Music management, I am on a family holiday, probably the last one as we are all grown up now, we are traveling from Arizona to Colorado through Utah & had stopped at the Grand Canyon for the day!