Nik Wallenda

Daredevil Nik Wallenda wants to tightrope Grand Canyon

You’d think after tightrope walking Niagara Falls a few weeks ago, Nik Wallenda might want to put his feet up and relax.  This is not the case as Wallenda is already talking about a tightrope walk over Grand Canyon.  It’s best not to doubt Wallenda as the Niagara Falls walk seemed impossible but Wallenda and his team somehow tightroped right through a hundred years of red tape and got permission from not one, but two countries.

Wallenda had to battle the elements that include winds and mist from Niagara Falls.  He’ll have a whole different challenge at Grand Canyon.  For one thing, it’s 19 miles at it’s widest!  That’s one heck of a tightrope marathon.

We’ll be keeping watch on this story.