5 Fantastic Vacation Destinations for Newly Single Travelers

Sometimes things just don’t work out. A break-up of a lengthy dating relationship or a divorce can take a lot out of a person. Whether or not the break-up was amicable, it can be hard to shake off the hurt. Why? The local memories.

It’s hard to get over a loved one when you walk past the coffee shop where you had your first date. A whiff of tasty food coming from their favorite restaurant brings it all back to you. Then, presumably, there’s always the chance you’ll bump into each other since you live in the same area.

It can be hard to clear your head from the heartbreak, so maybe a change in scenery is in order. It might be time to take a little trip away from work, away from your heartbreak, and away from your past in order to reset yourself. It might be time to take a solo vacation.

Traveling when you’re newly single is a great way to recover, regroup, and recharge yourself after a break-up. You’ll create new memories while being away from the triggers of old ones. You’ll rediscover yourself and become comfortable with being on your own. Plus, you’ll end up with some great stories to share on future first dates.

But where should newly single travelers go? What should they do? It all depends on your interests. Here is a list of some of the top spots for newly single people whether you are older, younger, adventurous, or just looking for a relaxing good time.


Grand Canyon, AZ

The Grand Canyon is a top go-to vacation spot for most Americans. The largest natural land formation in the United States brings in numerous tourists, and for good reason. The Grand Canyon offers a brilliant mix of adventure and introspection for people vacationing solo.

Going on a nature hike while gazing upon the rich greens of the forest and the burnt oranges of the rock can help clear your head. You can write your thoughts in a journal and take brilliant photos as you look at the sunset from one of the Canyon’s peaks. The fresh air brings a fresh perspective as you take in the quiet on your own.

If you’re more of a thrillseeker, the Grand Canyon has plenty to offer there, too. Grand Canyon West offers wild rides on ziplines and a chance to walk upon the famous Skywalk Bridge for a unique birds-eye view of the Canyon below. There are also several whitewater rafting tours and other adventures to take on. It’s a fine spot for singles to reflect or forget.

Tokyo, Japan

A trip to Tokyo can be a great time for singles that enjoy the hustle of city life with a little bit of quiet in-between. Plus, it’s easier to put your past relationship in the background when you’re immersed in an entirely different country. The capital city of Japan is a great spot to relax, go out and dance, take in older culture, experience new technology, and eat amazingly tasty foods around every corner.

If you’re a culture bug, make a visit to the Edo-Tokyo Museum, the Sensoji Temple, the Meiji Shrine, or any of the other tourist attractions focused on Japanese art and history. The Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden and the Tokyo Sea Life Park also offer a relaxing look at nature within the city limits. You can even visit the Imperial Palace and enjoy the East Gardens nearby.

If you’re up for more excitement, Tokyo is buzzing. Ginza’s shopping district offers a ton of great shops and eateries. Akihabara is great for travelers interested in the latest technology, especially fans of video games and anime. There are also several nightclubs and karaoke bars to venture into for a fun time before going back to your hotel.

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Speaking of which, as a single person, most hotel rooms in Tokyo are relatively inexpensive and small. While the “small” aspect seems unappealing to most, it’s actually a good thing. The simple space can encourage you to go out to explore rather than sit around to mope in your room.

Miami, FL

Miami is fantastic place for singles to have some fun in the sun. The city offers several spots for people to enjoy the hot weather, get wild, or get some relaxation. A quick drive can get you to several tourist traps and different beach-based activities.

Jungle Island, the Miami Zoo, and the Everglades National Park can let you see alligators and exotic animals up-close. Artisans can check out the Vizcaya Museum, the Art Deco Historic District, and the street art at Wynwood for some unique paintings and architecture. Visitors can also take in some Cuban culture and amazing food in Little Havana.

Then there are the several beaches for you to surf, swim, or enjoy the sun with a cold drink. Given Miami’s renowned nightlife, there’s a good chance for you to meet a fellow single there to share fun times with during your trip.

Edinburgh, Scotland

Perhaps you want a more low-key trip away. Edinburgh, Scotland offers some great places to enjoy cooler weather with a rich landscape to explore. But “low-key” doesn’t mean boring. Edinburgh is a great place if you’re newly single and just want to take in relaxation without the hustle.

In Edinburgh, you can enjoy the architecture and history of Edinburgh Castle and the Palace of Holyroodhouse. You can take in additional art and history by visiting the National Museum of Scotland. From Edinburgh, you can drive over to the lush Scottish Highlands to go on quiet walks of reflection and beauty.

If history and nature isn’t your thing, Edinburgh still has plenty to offer single tourists. The Royal Yacht Britannia allows you to live and dine like royals. Scotch whisky fans can get a great tasting tour from some of the most renowned distilleries. If you swing by during the summer, you can check out some great entertainment at the world famous Edinburgh Fringe Festival for some quality comedy shows. There is plenty of relaxing activity to take in.

Oahu, HI

Let’s say you want to fill yourself so full of activity that you don’t have time to think about your break-up. Then Oahu is there for you. There is a reason why “The Big Island” of Hawaii is one of the top vacation destinations on Earth. You’ll be too busy to let your singlehood keep you down.

In terms of activities, Oahu is filled with beaches to swim, surf, play volleyball, water ski, and do other fun ocean activities. Kuhio Beach, Kahanamoku Beach, and Waikiki Beach offer several great sights and sounds of the ocean from sunrise to sunset. You can let your love of the ocean go deeper by going on snorkeling or scuba diving trips.

Nightlife in Oahu is just as bustling. There are several places to grab a drink and dance. Eat some poke and enjoy a wonut while watching a Polynesian luau performance. As you take in food, drink, and entertainment, you might run into somebody new to enjoy the night along with you.

A good trip out to any of these destinations will provide the proper mix of fun, new experiences, and distance from your break-up. It’s bound to get you refreshed and re-energized when you get back to work and your day-to-day routine. You’ll also have some pictures to add to Tinder or Match.com when you’re ready to find a new special someone.