Water Use Restrictions Added in Light of Grand Canyon Pipeline Break

Due to several breaks in the pipeline that supplies water to the South Rim, the Grand Canyon National Park is implementing new water restrictions and measures to conserve water.

Under the latest restrictions implemented this past Saturday, the laundry, showers, and RV dump-fill station are closed to campers in the South Rim. While hand sanitizer is available, running water has been cut off to the sinks in public and employee bathrooms in the area. Visitors in the South Rim are encouraged to bring their own personal water supply for showering and cooking in their RV or camper. Campers are also encouraged to bring extra drinkable water on their trip.

The previous water conservation measures announced last Wednesday are still in effect. These measures include requiring restaurants to use disposable dishes and utensils in lieu of washing dishes, along with serving water only by request. South Rim hotels are also required to implement low water-use methods to clean their rooms.

Grand Canyon National Park officials say that these restrictions will be held in place and they will remain in conservation mode until the water in the storage tanks return to sustainable levels.

The North Rim shall remain closed until the end of the winter season.