Grand Canyon South Rim Vacation

5 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Grand Canyon Vacation

Planning a family friendly vacation this year? Hardly any visitor can escape the beauty of the Grand Canyon. The landscape is one of the most spectacular natural wonders in the world and is consequently one of the most famous landmarks in the United States. If you’re thinking of taking a Grand Canyon vacation, these ideas might just be worth jotting down.

First Things First

Sunset Grand CanyonTo experience the sheer size of the Grand Canyon, most visitors begin their Grand Canyon vacation from either the McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas or the Sky Harbor International Airport in Phoenix. These two metropolitan airports are located several hours from the park.

South Rim or North Rim

For families with children or for first timers, a visit to the South Rim is probably your best choice. The south section of the Grand Canyon offers an abundance of restaurants, hotels, and activities. Since The South Rim is open all year long, it is best to visit in the wintertime.

The North Rim is only open from May through October and is more suited for couples, advanced hikers and those seeking a more relaxed and quieter Grand Canyon vacation.

Excellent Timing

Sunset Grand CanyonSummer at Grand Canyon is hot and dry. It is also the most visited time of year, particularly the South Rim. Spring and fall provide the best weather, best rates and fewer crowds. Winter brings the possibility of snow which makes it the less visited time of year at the park. The North Rim tends to get cooler than the South Rim during the summer.  But sun screen, hats, and plenty of water are a must on both sides of the park. During the winter months many Grand Canyon hotels offer discounts.

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Grand Canyon Tours

A Grand Canyon vacation should entail at least one tour. Activities like train tours, jeep tours, mule rides, and air tours can make a Grand Canyon vacation unforgettable. Most Grand Canyon tours are appropriate for all ages.

Clothes and Supplies

Bring warm clothes, even in the summer. Since the Grand Canyon is very dry with little humidity, swings in temperatures are much more noticeable. The North Rim gets chilly even in the height of summer. Wear sensible shoes, sunglasses and sun screen. Include a first-aid kit and a wide brimmed hat.  Please bring a camera, or two! You will be disappointed if you can’t have memorable photos of the magnificent Grand Canyon. Tip: Break in your new hiking boots well ahead of your trip.