6 Family Friendly Activities at the Grand Canyon’s South Rim

Traveling with kids puts families in an interesting position. While most parents want to give their
children experiences, they will never forget, if they’re being honest with themselves, going anywhere
with kids can be difficult. Let alone, going to Grand Canyon National Park where your primary goal is to
keep your children away from the gigantic hole in the ground while still getting to marvel at the canyon’s
natural beauty.

Fortunately, officials who work at the Grand Canyon know this and have come up with a few suggestions
to make the trip enjoyable. Here are six kid-friendly activities taking place at the South Rim of the Grand

  1. Become a Junior Ranger
    This is probably one of the most adorable activities on this list, so get your camera ready! This activity
    gives your children a chance to learn about the Grand Canyon’s natural and cultural history in a fun and
    interactive way. This activity is for kids, ages 4 and up. To participate, pick up a Junior Ranger book at
    any visitor center. Inside are activities and times for various age groups. Kids will attend a ranger-led
    program with their age group, where they will get to write down observations, draw pictures, and
    create poems.
    After the program, bring the book to a visitor center so that your children can take the Junior Ranger
    pledge and receive their badge.
  2. Bike the Rim
    This is an adventure that is sure to curate awesome memories for you and your family. Bright Angel
    Bicycles at the Grand Canyon Visitor Center rents everything you will need for a day of biking. There are
    bicycles available for adults and older kids, as well as Burley trailers for the little ones.
    Rental prices start at $12.50 per hour for adults and $9.50 for children. Each rental includes a park map
    and a helmet.
    Details: 928-679-0992, www.bikegrandcanyon.com.
  3. Ride a mule
    Riding a mule is an iconic activity at the Grand Canyon. Kids, nine years old or more and at least 4 feet 9
    inches tall can ride one of the famous Grand Canyon mules. Don’t worry, these mules are docile and
    extremely used to people.
  4. The Canyon Vista mule ride is a three-hour-long excursion that stays on top of the rim, trotting around a
    gentle path that offers a plethora of great views.
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All riders must be at least 9 years old and the cost for this activity is $142.83 per person.
Details: 888-297-2757, www.grandcanyonlodges.com.Hike Bright Angel Trail

Hike Bright Angel Trail

The popular hiking path known as Bright Angel Trail is wide and has a few easily discernible turnaround
points. You can use these points if you get tired, or no longer wish to hike the trail.

However, if you and your family do continue, about three-quarters of a mile in, there are two explorable
tunnels that the kids will love. Additionally, at the one-and-a-half-mile mark, you will find the 1.5 Mile
Resthouse, which offers water, shade, and restrooms.

Stargazing at the Grand Canyon is an awesome sight. Besides the fact that you and your family will be
staring and the famous azure, western sky, the Grand Canyon has spent many years eliminating light
pollution in the park. This effort has earned the Grand Canyon National Park an International Dark Sky
Park designation. This means that the night sky is clear and crisp, unaffected by the lights that park the

Scavenger Hunts
Scavenger Hunts are always fun and when done around the South Rim of the Grand Canyon, you are
sure to make some amazing memories. To participate in this event, pick up an issue of National Park
Centennial Magazine; “100 Years, One Million Lives, 1 Grand Canyon.”

In addition to stories about history, science, geology, artwork, and poems, the 56-page magazine also
contains two scavenger hunts for kids and families to complete. 

In summation, it is clear to see that the Grand Canyon is a great place for everyone, just as a national
park is supposed to be. The officials at the Grand Canyon take great pride in being able to make this
natural beauty a fun and interactive place for families, couples, kids, and everyone in between!