Alessandra Medeiros from Sao Paulo, Brazil shares Grand Canyon Experience

Alessandra Medeiros for Sao Paulo, Brazil provides insight into their Grand Canyon Trip. Alessandra shares perspective on the best Grand Canyon attractions and things to do in Grand Canyon. See some incredible photos of Grand Canyon South Rim and surrounding area too!

From Landscapes and wildlife to history and adventure, what’s the one thing about the Grand Canyon that has intrigued you?

The wildlife. I saw cows over there and i had no idea that they could live in the desert. But also the landscape shows different colors in the rocks and water in the middle of the desert, which is amazing.

image6If this is your first visit to Grand Canyon, what motivated you to visit? If this is a revisit, what’s your reason for wanting to come back?

I just wanted to know why it was so famous. The answer is simple: it’s huge, has so many different colors and is so different from everything I’ve ever seen. It’s really beautiful and I can’t wait to go again.

image1What are five things your Backpack to the Canyon must contain?

Definitely a camera. That’s for sure the most important thing. But also a jacket if you go really early or is going to stay there until late. Don’t forget snacks and something to drink. And the last thing is sunblock.

image51What is the best way to get to the Grand Canyon – By Air, By Road or By Rail? Why?

By air, more specifically by helicopter for sure.

What is travel to you in one word?


image51On your travels, what would you choose a book or a camera, and why?

A camera. Because I love taking pictures. I like recording those moments. And when i get home, I love the feeling of seeing all those pictures and delete the bad ones, photoshop the ones that are good but not that much and put the best on instagram.

image41As a travel destination, how would you rank the Grand Canyon from 1 to 10?


image2Tell us a little about yourself!

I’m a brazilian student. I’m starting my third year in business university. I went to the Grand Canyon to see why it was in so many movies and tv shows. I did find out: it amazing! So beautiful and different from everything I’ve ever seen.

Alessandra Medeiros
Sao Paulo

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