Agustina Kon from Argentina shares Grand Canyon Experience

Agustina Kon for Buenos Aires, Argentina provides insight into their Grand Canyon Trip. Agustina shares perspective on the best Grand Canyon attractions and things to do in Grand Canyon. See some incredible photos of Grand Canyon South Rim and surrounding area too!

From Landscapes and wildlife to history and adventure, what’s the one thing about the Grand Canyon that has intrigued you?

To me, it was the wildlife. I got to see and photograph the Elk, among other aminals. Also, the landscape was something that really attracted me.

Deer at Grand Canyon

If this is your first visit to Grand Canyon, what motivated you to visit? If this is a revisit, what’s your reason for wanting to come back?

This was my first visit.

What are five things your Backpack to the Canyon must contain?

What is the best way to get to the Grand Canyon – By Air, By Road or By Rail? Why?

I think by trail, but the air view must be amazing.

What is travel to you in one word?


What are three tips for an awesome budget trip to the Grand Canyon?


As a travel destination, how would you rank the Grand Canyon from 1 to 10?


Tell us a little about yourself!

I am from Argentina and I came to the Grand Canyon with my family to witness one of nature’s most amazing creations.

Agustina Kon
Buenos Aires, Argentina

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