Grand Canyon Sunset

Calling all Grand Canyon Superstars

Inspired to share your Grand Canyon story with the Visitor Center? Have an appetite for endless Grand Canyon activities?  Have you been wowed by the many Grand Canyon tours?  Do you have pics highlighting some of the best Grand Canyon things to do?

Here’s your opportunity to share your Grand Canyon insights with the world. We are always excited to hear from folks that have visited the Grand Canyon. Tell everyone how your trip was and what impressed you the most. Explain to future travelers what you did and what you thought about your adventure. Advise other readers what to pack and tell us a little bit about yourself. Simply admit it, has the Grand Canyon National Park seized your heart and never released it?

By submitting your travel experience, you can help hundreds or, even, thousands of travelers learn about the Grand Canyon. We also ask you to share photos to really grab attention. People from all over the world are invited, and participants get an author blog on our site. We showcase the images on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, etc. We even create Power Points. Visitors with best testimonials become our “almost famous” superstars. If you’d like to be profiled on our web site, we’d be happy to have you and we’ll put it