Capture A Piece Of History Aboard The Grand Canyon Express

There’s something about train journeys that unerringly brings out the child in even the most severe adult. The rhythmic, almost hypnotic sounds of the train wheels as they roll along metallic rails, eating up the miles furiously, almost hungrily; an ever changing landscape which throws in surprises at you from every corner, almost as if a virtuoso has taken up the speed painting challenge, spewing one breathtaking canvas after another; a pantry car that holds delectable delights to suit every adolescent’s, toddler’s and adult’s tastes; a cozy corner that you can call your own with a motion picture window that remains unmatched by even the best of 3-d theatrical experiences; a journey that takes you back in time. Unfailingly. Always.

The Grand Canyon railway tour is one such journey that is designed to take you through the annals of the Wild West. Travel in a vintage train which billows steam as you traverse the wild countryside, or choose to bask in the lap of luxury in a state-of-the-art luxury train which has been painstakingly detailed to resemble days of yore. And there are several options to suit every budget and taste. Choose to travel in Coach which lets you chug along in classic air-conditioned 1950s era passenger cars, complete with a guide and snack car; or in first class with its recliner seats and giant picture windows where fresh fruit, pastries, coffee and juice are offered to make you feel more at home; or the observation dome which offers panoramic views of the prairies which pass by or the exclusive luxury class, where you will be waited hand on foot and served chilled champagne so you can toast to the splendors of the Grand Canyon.

However you may choose to travel, you will always be in good company. Experience the vivid scenery outside your windows while being entertained by a troupe of actors and musicians reenacting pieces of history, all for you. From a western style shootout to a train robbery, these acts give you a steep sense of the Wild West and leave you asking for more.

The Grand Canyon railway was once the lifeline of the Grand Canyon National Park in the early 20th century. Because of its existence many of the historic structures that still stand proud along the rim today, came into being. It was resuscitated in 1989 and today carries over 200,000 people to the canyon annually.

Grand Canyon railway tours take you from Williams into the south rim of the Grand Canyon, letting you encounter wildlife such as elk, mountain lions, bald eagles and pronghorns along the way. You will also experience an incredibly diverse climate through the seasons and will be awestruck by the dense forests of Ponderosa pine, Douglas fir, spruce and aspen. The Canyon is home to many generations of native peoples. If you get lucky you just might encounter a few Indian reservations along the way.

So, hop aboard and move forward to journey back in time, to the days of the Wild West.