Chinese Tourism Boom Extends to Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon and its surrounding wilderness draws in millions of people every year, hailing from a huge variety of nations all across the globe. There’s something here for everyone, from kids to adults and everything in between, and where you’re from doesn’t change that. The Grand Canyon has a universal appeal and can strike awe and inspiration into the hearts of anyone who gazes upon it. It is truly a wonder of the world, and sharing its wonderful sights with visitors from foreign countries is part of what makes the experience so special. Everyone is welcome, and all visitors can look forward to a truly life-changing experience.

Many of the Grand Canyon’s visitors are newly-wealthy Chinese visitors, enjoying the prosperity of a booming Chinese economy and a newly opened marketplace. According to China’s State Administration of Foreign Exchange, Chinese tourists alone spent upwards of $165 billion in 2014 alone, and tourism officials all over are scrambling for a slice of that pie. Completely dwarfing all other countries’ tourism spending, Chinese visitors account for a huge percentage of tourism worldwide, and over the past decade, that number has only risen.

Understandably, the Grand Canyon National Park has been enjoying the elevated number of tourists, as many have flooded into the park to camp, hike, and experience seeing the canyon itself. Other Grand Canyon tourism sites like the famous Grand Canyon West Rim, home of the Skywalk, have also been enjoying this boom alongside places like Las Vegas.

Many have come to see the historic Grand Canyon Village, the area’s entryway, and while the new files of Chinese tourists likely aren’t helping the crowded state of the village during peak months, businesses in the area are certainly benefiting from the increased volume of visitors. More funding for the village means a better all-around experience, especially if you prefer to visit during non-peak times of year.

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Even the less-popular North Rim, closed for the colder months, has been able to reap the benefits of a more active tourism industry, and tour guides of all kinds have been stepping up their game to accommodate the steady influx of new faces.

The best places for tourists to visit in the Grand Canyon are…

  • Grand Canyon South Rim and the Grand Canyon Village nearby
  • The North Rim and its unbeatable lodging and hiking paths
  • The challenging Bright Angel Trail
  • The scenic Rim Train
  • The North Rim’s most popular trail, the North Kaibab Trail
  • The Havasu Falls, one of the most beautiful sights in the area
  • The Colorado River, home to some of the most exciting rafting in the world

No wonder more Chinese tourists are gravitating towards the Grand Canyon! With all of these fun and exciting places to visit and things to go, we’ve barely even scratched the surface of what lies within the canyon, the river, the wilderness, and the local establishments that make the Grand Canyon America’s crown jewel.

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