Get a Unique Bird’s-Eye View Through the Grand Canyon Skywalk

You just can’t beat the view of the Grand Canyon South Rim.  If you want the amazing postcard vistas then the South Rim is your best option for a Grand Canyon visit. The lush greenery of the forests and the faded orange of the canyon itself is one of the most beautiful sights a person can experience. Whether you’re gazing upon nature while hiking along the trail or stopping to look past the horizon during a sunset, there are several different perspectives to get a good view of the natural wonder. An alternative view of the Grand Canyon can be obtained at the less popular Grand Canyon West Rim.

The Skywalk located at Grand Canyon West allows visitors to walk over the chasm on top of reinforced steel and glass to see the Canyon directly below them. It is a thrill that can only be experienced first-hand since it does not allow any cell phones or cameras during the walk. Not only that, but Grand Canyon West also offers horseback rides, ziplines, and other great ways to soak in the Grand Canyon’s majesty.

You should note that Grand Canyon West and the Skywalk is the busiest during the summer months. Be prepared for the hotter weather and be prepared to wait in line for over an hour for entry. You can shorten your wait time significantly if you purchase your tickets online ahead of time.

Here are the price points for each Grand Canyon West offering once you pay the mandatory $50.00 Legacy Pass for entry:

  • Skywalk: $22.00
  • Zipline: $43.00
  • Stagecoach ride: $16.28
  • Mechanical bull: $5.50
  • Horseback rides: $10.85 for 10 minutes (arena ride)
  • Trail rides: $37.98 for 30 minutes, $59.68 for 60 minutes, $81.38 for 90 minutes
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You can also purchase the Legacy Gold Pass for $82.00 which includes general admission, a trip to the Skywalk, and a meal. Many tourists argue that the best deal for your money is the Legacy Pass plus admission to the Skywalk and zipline for a total of $115.00.

While you’ll need to temporarily keep your camera, phone, and other belongings in a locker while on the Skywalk, you can purchase professional photo packages starting at $16.00.

If you are willing to shell out more money for a memorable experience, the Hualapai VIP Tour offers a tour guide, private transportation, a ticket to the Skywalk, a meal, and a Native American gift for $333.00

There are also helicopter tours that range from 15-minute flights above the rim for $145.00 to flights that occur to and from the Colorado River for $263.00. The popular Helicopter/Pontoon Tours cost $202.00, which include a 10-minute flight into the canyon, a 15-minute ride on the river in a pontoon boat, then a 10-minute flight back to the airstrip.

If you want to stay the night in comfort, a room in a Hualapai Ranch cabin is $141.90. Make sure you reserve a cabin and not a room at Hualapai Lodge, which is two hours away in Peach Springs.

For a little bit more money, you can enjoy an even better Grand Canyon experience with an even more unique perspective.