Grand Canyon Earth Day

Ghosts of Grand Canyon Two Day Tour

Ready to see the Grand Canyon from another angle?  Check out a tour that combines the beauty, history & spirits of the Grand Canyon.  Who Doesn’t Love a Good Ghost story, especially close to Halloween?  Especially 4-U Tours recently announced their new tour, Ghosts of the Grand Canyon tour  with “Grand Canyon Ghost Stories” author Deborah Branning as your tour guide.  The tour (when periodically offered) starts on a Saturday morning—travel to Cameron Trading Post (where the ghost stories begin) for lunch.  Then head towards the Grand Canyon Village stopping at several of the turnouts such as Little Colorado Lookout and Desert View Lookout.  Once inside the park, make stops at the Grand Canyon Cemetery and take a stroll through Grand Canyon Village.  There you’ll walk and talk along the rim trail about El Tovar, Hopi House, the Heart of the Canyon, the Lookout, Kolb Studio, and Hermit’s Rest.  There’s plenty of time for shopping and grabbing a snack.  Spend the night in Tusayan and/or Williams.  In Williams (the next morning) visit the Grand Canyon Depot, Cemetery and hear about some of the other haunted spots in Williams.  Then drive into Flagstaff for a brief ghost walking tour.  Depending on time, additional Sedona, Haunted Jerome, or Camp Verde stops—arriving back to Phoenix Sunday evening.

The cost of the trip booked thru travel tour group is $279 double occupancy.  (tour includes – coach, tour guide, entrance to Grand Canyon & hotel)

This is an educational tour, for those interested in ghosts and paranormal and is not intended to scare or frighten the traveler.

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Deborah Branning’s book, “Grand Canyon Ghost Stories–Spooky Tales about the Grand Canyon National Park” has been out since May 2012. It’s endorced by “Ghost Hunters International” star, Paul Bradford.  It contains REAL ghost stories by rangers, hikers, river guides, mule wranglers, guests, waiters and store clerks.  Most have witnessed things that could not be explained and could only declare them to be ghosts or spirits of the supernatural.

Deborah Branning  – “There has never been a published book about the ghosts of the Grand Canyon and I was amazed of all the stories I was able to gather.  The Grand Canyon is not just a “gully golly” anymore!

Deborah has worked as a paranormal/historical consultant on ghost documentaries and ghost hunting shows for Travel Channel, and more. She is also the author of “Sleeping with Ghosts—A Ghost Hunter’s Guide to Arizona’s Haunted Hotels and Inns” (American Travel Press 2004).  Readers can purchase the book through Amazon—Riverbend Publishing—or contact Debe Branning at to order a signed copy!  Cost of the book is $13.00.