Grand Canyon Celebrates Reopening of Yavapai Lodge

Many people have visited the Grand Canyon since the initial opening of the Yavapai Lodge, and to many of those people, the rustic setting and atmosphere of the lodge was an essential component of the perfect Grand Canyon adventure. But just as the canyon has changed over millions and millions of years, so must the establishments near the canyon, so it is with great excitement that announce the historic lodge’s grand re-opening after 6 long months of renovation.

The first question that comes to mind for many is “what’s changed?” For those of you that appreciate a more rustic aesthetic, we have some good news: the lodge’s interior has been refined and brought back to the mid-century design sensibilities that made the original lodge feel so authentic. But fear not – the Yavapai Lodge isn’t trapped in the past, they’re simply choosing which modern-day conveniences best complement the Grand Canyon experience.

Many modern-day upgrades have been made, including an advanced kiosk ordering system, more advanced kitchen equipment, and a new air conditioning system that will allow the lodge to maintain a cool contrast to hot Arizona temperatures while minimizing environmental impact – a win-win situation for customers and the Grand Canyon itself.

The biggest change to the Yavapai Lodge is embodied in the options visitors now have. Lodging options remain more or less the same (aside from a relocated front desk off to the side of the lodge), but instead of simply dining at the Yavapai Lodge, you can choose between three options…

– The Yavapai Lodge Restaurant
– The Yavapai Tavern
– The Yavapai Coffee Shop

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The restaurant section features an ever-present southwestern theme that is reflected in the food, silverware, and décor. Enjoy BBQ smoked in-house, a variety of fine meats and poultry, and more casual options like pizza and hamburgers.

For those of you looking to relax after a long day on the trails, the Yavapai Tavern has been relocated and renovated to feature a fully-stocked bar and a small bar menu featuring miniature finger foods to wash down with a collection of local beers and wines.

New to the Yavapai Lodge is the coffee shop. While small, this coffee shop features both hot and cold coffees, and if you’re in a hurry, you can stop by one of the convenient Grab-N-Go kiosks for a refreshing tea, juice, or water.

Yavapai Lodge is owned by Delaware North, one of the world’s largest privately-owned hospitality service companies, and the Yavapai Lodge is the largest lodging complex on Grand Canyon South Rim, so it’s no secret that this is a big deal. How do you feel about these changes? Would you have preferred a return to roots, or do you feel that the lodge didn’t step far enough into the future? Just us know in the comments section below, and don’t forget to stop by the Grand Canyon National Park! It sits on the South Rim, just like the Yavapai Lodge, so if you’re looking for the ultimate Grand Canyon experience, give us a call or click today.