5 Ways to Discover the Grand Canyon – Even if you’ve Been There

The first time you went to the Grand Canyon, odds are you went to the Grand Canyon National Park. With millions of admissions every year (and growing), the Grand Canyon National Park is a one-stop-shop for the complete Grand Canyon experience… Or is it? While the Grand Canyon National Park does provide a wide range of activities, sights, and amenities, making it perfect for the first-time visitor, there are other ways to visit the Grand Canyon, each with its own charms and challenges. If you’ve already been to the Grand Canyon and you think you’ve seen it all, consider…

A Bit of Stargazing
Many times, a first-time visit to the Grand Canyon can leave you scrambling to stick to your schedule, and if you didn’t know what to expect, you might fall behind. Understandably, not everyone is able to stick around for the striking Grand Canyon sunset, but the next time you plan a trip to the canyon, be sure to plan for a sunset – and a little bit of post-sunset stargazing. At the Grand Canyon, away from all of the lights and sounds of the city, the sky opens up to reveal and extremely vivid and populated night sky. Stargazing has become so popular that both the north and south rims of the Grand Canyon host stargazing parties every June.

Switch Rims
Not everyone visits the Grand Canyon South Rim on their first visit to the world-famous landmark, and not everyone visits the North Rim, so the next time you come to the Grand Canyon, try switching things up a little! Each rim has something completely unique and worthwhile to offer, and the North Rim is home to what many believe is a more authentic Grand Canyon experience. There’s only one way to find out – come for a visit!

Visit During the Off-Season
If hot weather, crowds, or waiting in line drives you crazy, visiting the Grand Canyon during the colder months might be just the vacation for you. With fewer people, thinner crowds, and much shorter wait times, winter is a great time to visit the Grand Canyon, but it does come with its own limitations. Unfortunately, the North Rim is closed for the winter, and road conditions may conspire to ruin your vacation. Plan ahead, however, and your wintery Grand Canyon adventure will be full of striking frosted imagery that summertime visitors miss out on.

Rent a Bike or take a Hike
Biking and hiking are staple activities of Grand Canyon tourism. Every inch of the Grand Canyon National Park is full of gorgeous scenery, so it’s no surprise that many flock to the canyon with the intention of taking it in. If you’re not too afraid of heights, consider renting a bike and riding along one of the many available canyon-adjacent trails for an unforgettable view and the chance to find secret photo ops.

Descend into the Canyon on a Mule
The bottom of the Grand Canyon is full of just as many gorgeous sights as the top, especially if you’re interested in the many layers of rock exposed by the canyon. Hiking to the canyon floor, however, can be an extremely difficult task for many. The solution? Mules! Rent a mule and ride down into the canyon on a guided tour, but be warned – these mule rides are extremely popular, so you may need to reserve one over a year in advance.

So how will you spend your next Grand Canyon adventure? Take to the Grand Canyon North Rim and bike along the edge? Visit the South Rim during the winter and visit the bottom of the canyon? Let us know in the comments section below, and call or click today for more information!