Grand Canyon Music Program Brings Interactive Musical Fun

Cultural events are fairly common in the diverse and popular Grand Canyon National Park area. Everything from presentations to performances are a part of what makes Grand Canyon tourism such an educational experience, and one of the many programs dedicated to the education of Grand Canyon visitors and residents alike is Music Together.

Music Together is an international music education program based in New York and available in more than 40 countries that focuses on a no-pressure environment for children to discover their innate senses of rhythm and melody through open experimentation and fun. Parents are encouraged to participate just as much as the kids, allowing the information presented at each of these classes to trickle down to other children in the area, fostering the early addition of music to a child’s education. Grand Canyon tours can also be a great way to turn your vacation into a fun and education adventure!

The Grand Canyon program is available three times every year with enrollment in the fall, winter, and spring. Age limitations do apply, and the registration fees can vary from $110 to $140. The classes are once a week for 8 weeks, and each class lasts about 45 minutes every Wednesday night from 5:30 to 6:15 in the Grand Canyon Recreation Center’s Piano Room.

For more information, visit the Music Together website at