Grand Canyon Bottle Ban

Grand Canyon National Park Bans Sale of Water in Disposable Containers

The Grand Canyon National Park has banned in-park sale of water packaged in individual disposable containers under a plan approved February 6th by Intermountain Regional Director John Wessels.

Grand Canyon Bottle BanWaste of disposable bottles comprise an estimated 20 percent of the park’s overall waste stream and 30 percent of the park’s recyclables. “Our parks should set the standard for resource protection and sustainability,” said Regional Director Wessels. “Grand Canyon National Park has provided an excellent analysis of the impacts the elimination of bottled water would have, and has developed a well-thought-out plan for ensuring that the safety, needs and comfort of visitors continue to be met in the park. I feel confident that the impacts to park concessioners and partners have been given fair consideration and that this plan can be implemented with minimal impacts to the visiting public.”

Visitor’s are asked to bring reusable water bottles which can be refilled for free at station throughtout the park.