Grand Canyon National Park Celebrates Arizona’s Centennial with Fee-Free Entry on February 14

Guess who’s turning 100 February 14th? Can we have those neon lights up please, and turn that spotlight a tad to the right, for this one special state that has achieved yet another milestone?  Grand Canyon Fee FreePicture a vast expanse of rugged land, interspersed with silhouettes of tall cacti neatly lined up against a sky that houses the most brilliant shades of vermillion; where there are more wilderness areas than the entire Midwest; where there are 3,928 mountain peaks and summits – more than any other mountain state; where the economy thrives on the “Five C’s” Cattle, Copper, Citrus, Cotton, and Climate, and tourism, on the biggest “C” of them all, the Canyon. If you haven’t guessed it by now, let us give you another clue, it was also the 48th state of the United States.  And there you go.

Presenting, Arizona, the Grand Canyon State, which turns 100 this year. And to bring in the birthday in true style, the Grand Canyon National Park will host a fee-free entry day on the 14th of February, 2012. Fee-free days give you absolutely free entry into the Grand Canyon National Park, but do note however, that this waiver applies to entry fee only and other costs incurred for reservations, camping, tours, etc. will be borne by you.  If you plan to stay in the park beyond February 14, you will need to pay the regular entrance fee for the remainder of the stay. Fee free entry also lets you enjoy fantastic confessionals and discounts on specials at top restaurants, retail outlets and seasonal markets. This is a great opportunity take that long pending Grand Canyon tour and enjoy the long list activities that the Grand Canyon national park provides.

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February 14 also ushers in the day of love. So give your significant other something different this Valentine’s day and gift them a Grand Canyon Adventure.